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Research conducted over the last 12 years with 60,000 people from 182 countries shows that developing the right culture will deliver significant results:


Just imagine if your people:

  • Took 1/10th the time off sick

  • Were 6 times more energised

  • Intended to stay twice as long and 

  • Were 2 times more productive

Using market leading assessments, I work with leaders and teams to focus on the behaviours and mindset that shape a positive team and organisational culture.

Because its people and the culture they create that drive engagement, deliver outstanding results and lead the execution of strategy.

With over 30 years of experience routed in organisational change and behavioural science. I work with leaders in major brands all over the globe in identifying and overcoming obstacles to better team work, higher levels of engagement and sustainable results.

Have a look at some of the testimonials I have picked up along the way. You will be in good company. . .

Please get in touch and let's talk about the change you want to lead.

Thank you 

Russell Kelly-Jeans

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'Culture eats strategy for breakfast!'

Peter Drucker

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